Get Instant Likes

“Get Instant Likes” is an application for Android users that offers unlimited likes to your Instagram photos. The application is designed by the team that has an extensive experience in the marketing, advertising and social media strategies with which they boost the social engagement of your Instagram posts. The application is free to download and use. Working at your service since 2012.

We know that for many individuals to buy Instagram likes for each publication can be an operational problem that is why this application offers the modality of likes on your Instagram posts. This service is intended for those who prefer comfort or who have a very broad strategy to follow.



You try hard to upload the best photos, but you cannot get people to follow you, maybe they do not think you’re that important. Give the importance your Instagram profile deserves by using this application and you will get people to perceive your profile or brand as you think they should. In a social media strategy, it is necessary to have a lot of Instagram likes and followers in order to get a quick boost in the social network.

It’s already a fact that Instagram is in fashion. Having a presence on Instagram is a very important aspect to ensure a reputation of any brand or public figure. With automatic likes on your Instagram photos ensures that your account quickly gets a huge volume of followers, in addition, you will not have to do anything, each time you upload a photo, you will receive the number of likes you have requested.

It’s a challenge for us to handle a large number of requests that are handled on daily basis. An Instagram profile with a large number of likes in your photos will exponentially increase the chances of your images appearing on the initial page, with the increase in virality that this entails. All this, together with the fact that appearing on the main page can lead to a large number of new Instagram Likes. Do not wait any longer and facilitate your Instagram account with our unique and innovative application.



“Get Instant Likes” seeks to help individuals and companies achieve their Social Media objectives by offering a variety of services to facilitate their social campaigns.

It has always been said that buying followers is not a very suitable alternative, but this application offers you real Instagram likes.

I did not believe it at first either, but it has a logical explanation.

“Get Instant Likes” is one of those applications that despite being free works great and is without a doubt one of the best options to promote your Instagram photos quickly.

Its operation is really simple. Once you install the application on your smartphone, you must authorize your access to your Instagram account and for that, you must enter your username and password.

You just need to choose the photo that you want to promote, add a hashtag with which you can find that photo and finally activate the autolike service.

From that moment the application will be responsible for promoting your photo, automatically getting a bunch of Likes in just a few seconds.

Repeat the same process with your best captures and you will see how in a short time you start to attract more followers for your Instagram profile.

Regarding the system that uses the application to get Likes automatically, we must recognize that we still cannot explain how it works, what if we assure you is that the application is reviewed by the Google Play Store which guarantees that it complies with all legal requirements. So if you want to give a boost to your photo collection of Instagram, you are already slow to install “Get Instant Likes” on your smartphone.




The application delivers a large number of likes on your Instagram posts within no time. The likes are made by our network of users and 100% real fans.

To carry out this service, we do not need any type of permissions on your Instagram account. Our service is completely external and independent.

We have a totally natural acquisition algorithm that promotes your account to millions of other accounts. For this reason, we can affirm with a completeness that we have a 100% security. Using this free application allows you to position your account naturally in the positioning algorithms of Instagram almost instantaneously.

To get free likes, first of all, download “Get Instant Likes” application from Google Play Store on your android phone and register with the Instagram account you want to optimize. It is recommended to download the latest version of the app to be able to use it.