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“Hashtag-get likes” is an excellent app for iPhone users that allows you to use best hashtags for Instagram posts that generate a bundle of likes and followers for you. We have more than five years of involvement in delivering Instagram hashtags, and we put all that experience in your hands. It is one of the leading application in this field and is helping individuals to grow the Instagram profile.




You can have a nice photo posted on Instagram, but do you know how to bring this photo to the attention of your target audience? Searches on Instagram are carried out using a hashtag. To be found on Instagram, it is important that you add a hashtag with every photo you post.

The keyword for the hashtag depends on your product or service. There must be a match with the photo you place. If all goes well, you place photos on which your product or service is shown. Hashtag-get likes to provide the best hashtags for your Instagram posts.

You can also check under which “keywords” you want to be found. Think of the industry in which you are active or characteristics of your product or service. If you are active in the food world, you can select the relevant hashtag from the application.

Do you want to be more visible on Instagram?

Do you want to generate more interaction?

Are you looking for best hashtags for your Instagram posts?

How to find the best hashtags for your Instagram account?



Using the correct hashtags is an art. So using this application guides you in selecting the best hashtag for your Instagram posts.

Using ordinary hashtags on your Instagram posts in the description will not help you highlight your post, especially if those hashtags are too popular and have millions of posts already using them.

If you use general hashtags like #amor and #happy, you will not get very far because each of them has millions of publications.

For example, as of May 2018, you can find:

#amor 60,538,297

#happy 31,236750

It is difficult for your publication to appear under the search for these general hashtags. There are too many publications. Millions.

It is better to use hashtags used by a community and that is specific to your audience. Hashtags vary a lot according to the market niche you are in.

That’s why “Hashtag-get likes” facilitates you with a variety of hashtags that can generate a lot of likes and followers for your Instagram profile.

You can get the best hashtags for your Instagram profile in below simple steps:

Brainstorm to get hashtags

Take a pencil and paper, think about the following topics and write down the words you are thinking:

·         Topics in which you write,

·         Your niche market,

·         The types of products and services you offer,

·         The professions of your ideal client,

·         The professions that need what you write,

·         The communities that consume your tutorials and teachings.

·         Make a list of everything that you are testing.

Investigate your audience

The hashtags you use must be relevant to the content you are using. You will not place the #Unilever hashtag if you have nothing to do with that brand. You have to see which hashtags serve you for what you post.

Review the publications of your audience and analyze the hashtags they use in their publications and select only those from this application that fit your content.

Your hashtags should only contain the keywords that people are looking for.

Investigate your competitors

Find the publications that attract the most interaction in Instagramers accounts that do the same as you. Check your hashtags

You can get new hashtags from this application that might not have occurred to you.

Investigate leading characters or Influencers

Follow accounts of leading instagramers or influencers in your area, with the same type of audience or target audience as you.

Analyze the hashtags they use and write down those that serve your content.

Use “Hashtag-get likes” to find related hashtags

In “Hashtag-get likes” iOS application, you can find related hashtags and add them to your lists by category. You just need to install it.

It tells you the ratio percentage of that hashtag with the word you place. So you can find hashtags that maybe you did not know and can help you get more interaction with your community.

With “Hashtag-get likes” you can search by hashtags and it gives you a list of related hashtags

With this mobile application “Hashtag-get likes”, you get a list of related hashtags that you can copy and paste into your notebook or directly into your Instagram account.

The formula to be at the top of searches:

Combine your hashtags strategically for your content. You can use up to 30. Combine them in the following way (amounts may vary, pending not to exceed 30):

·       1-2 hashtags that are a trend, only if applicable.

·       1-2 location hashtag (if applicable)

·       4 own hashtags, where you describe your brand and motto.

·     3 popular hashtags related to the publication (of those that have millions of publications)

·      1-3 community hashtags

·      8 general hashtags related to your ideal client

·    8- 10 general hashtags that describe your market niche, your products and services.

      Publish your brand or personal hashtags in your post and the rest in the       first comment. That way it will look cleaner.

Remember, the hashtag has to be relevant to the content you are publishing. Search for the hashtags from Hashtag-get likes” that are being trended in your niche market. This way you can connect with other creative people in your business area and relate to them.


The results of using hashtags from this application are outstanding and you can yourself discover the popularity of hashtags selected from Hashtag-get likes” application.

After a while, you discover the popularity of a hashtag selected from Hashtag-get likes” iOS application. You get more followers, your photo is noticed and liked by “not” followers. Make a selection of the most popular hashtags among your target group and resubmit the hashtag for each photo. The application has a rating of 4+ on the iOS store.